About us

We are Art After

Back in 2015, we have created Art After as a place, where we try to materialize our knowledge about historical art techniques and materials. Since then, we have recreated visions of many artists and learnt many new things about the art.
Art After is Zuzka, who creates all the art and Matej, who do research and keeps Art After running. We are art teachers, exploring the history of art in a different way.

☙ Frequently Asked Questions ❧

Can I buy some of your works?

Of course. Just follow this link to our shop.

Do you ship to my location?

Yes, we do! We are based in Brno, Czech Republic and ship our artworks worldwide. Service used is Czech Post and all our consignments are provided with tracking number. Basic price for shipping is 10€ for countries within the European Union, 15€ anywhere else.

Do you take orders?

Not exactly what we do, but if you have something interesting on your mind, write us at info@art-after.com

How do you choose drawing to reproduce?

We are working in small series - we choose the time span, place and technique, for example, 1500 - 1600 AD, northern Europe, pen and ink drawings. Then we do a research and find the most interesting artworks with the potential to be reproduced. We use Pinterest boards to sort them, often containing more than a hundred artworks (see this board for our pending silverpoint project). Finally, we choose ten to fifteen final artworks, study the materials, style of the author and their personal techniques. And after all those steps, we try and make a reproduction.

Do you use only the authentic materials?

We are dedicated to do so, but it`s not always possible. Some pigments used in past are poisonous, some are just unavailable - what will you do if the recipe calls for mummy brown? We make some supplies by ourself - as oak gall ink, quill and reed pens and others. Otherwise, we use the highest quality art supplies available. We choose only media and pigments that were available at the time of creation of the artwork. The great part of our attention is invested in finding the proper paper type for every artwork. We are going to great lengths to achieve the most authentic look possible.

Why doesn`t your reproduction look like the original drawing?

It does look like the original artwork the day it was finished. Some art materials tend to degrade over time. Changes include colour shift, lightening, darkening or total disintegration of colourant. We decided to take the approach in which we recreate the original appearance of artwork, mainly because we are not interested in some "faux vintage" look. Our main concerns are the process, authenticity and quality.